Question and Answers concerning Evocation

In a Facebook group I was asked several questions concerning evocation. I decided to make my answers available for everybody on my blog. Enjoy!




Q: What is a success evocation for you?


Crystalf: „In a technical or a spiritual sense? 😉

Purely technical an evocation is a success, when I am capable to perceive the Being clairvoyantly in the triangle. Either in the magic mirror or in the smoke. The last technique makes the Being to be perceived more manifest and sometimes even perceivable with mundane eyes, but I prefer the work with the mirror, as the communication appears to be much more easy, even if the result is less „fantastic“…

Honestly, sometimes I don´t even have to „see“ anything, but the feeling is enough. During initiation the magician gains the ability to perceive with all their senses, and while we humans tend to be quite visual animals, that is just one sense between others. Sometimes there is no need to see the being – to have it with me is enough…

Thus an evocation is successful in a technical sense, when I feel – one way or another – that the Being manifested.

But these things are more a matter initiation, of perception, of having achieved Clairvoyance.


In a more spiritual or magical sense it is a success, when I *feel* that

first: I am in deep connection with my personal god – this experience alone marks any given moment as a success moment. Everything else is… Bonus! J

second: the Being has received my call and is eager to answer it. When they wants(!) to come out of their own free will.

third: when they wants(!) to share knowledge. That is quite a matter of Intuition, not of talking like with other human beings, like we do here – even if that conversation happens during evocation, too. But I always have the impression that my material brain only needs that form of communication in the realm of space-time, to process what is happening. The true sharing of knowledge happens directly into the spirit of the magician.

fourth: when after I lead the Being back to their realm, I return with a feeling of joy and satisfaction. No fear nor power, but humbleness and friendship.


These are for me signs of successful evocation.“


Q: What are the bodies (physical / astral / mental / Ego) involved in this operation?


Crystalf: „Passively they are all involved. Physical by acting as an anchor for the evocation ritual, gestures, etc.; Astral for providing the energy, being clairvoyant, etc.; mental by acting as a spirit in an astral body in a physical body. The bodies are the vessel oft he initiated magician for action!

Actively mostly the mental body is involved by traveling to the sphere of the Being and calling out for them. An evocation to me is more like an extended mental travel with the ritual as an anchor point to lessen the amount of concentration needed in communication.“


Q: How do you define the separation (distance, vibration, visibility) between you and the entities?


Crystalf: „Well, I think I answered most of this question above already, but one thing is important: there is no distance in the spiritual realms, especially not in the mental realm. This is just a perceived sensation. So when traveling to the sphere oft he being, the magician doesn´t need to travel through the universe, but just has to „step aside“, pierce the veil to the desired realm. This feels sometimes like „being away“, but it is not. As already written down hundreds of time: the spheres permeate each other, so all the magician has to do is by virtue of his initiation to call up the analogous characteristics (the „vibration“ if you like this New Age-Speech 😉 ) of the sphere in his mental body and then step into the sphere. Voilà!“


Q: Can we see an entity in more than one place at the same time?


Crystalf: „Space/Place and time are purely modes of human perception, but do not apply to the mental plane. We humans need this ideas to be able to navigate in our clumsy material bodies. Our spirits are free! Thus, even when two magicians would try to evoke the same entity to the subjectivity perceived same time, the entity could of course appear in both places at once – as Space and time aren´t relevant for them.“


Q: Can we evoke several entities at the same time?


Crystalf: „Honestly, I never tried that! It seems to be quite disrespectful to me. Also even while thinking it through, the amount of work is tremendously high: remember you have to make the atmosphere comfortable for each entity, thus even when a magician would try it, it would only be possible to call several entities from the same sphere. Also You have to travel there and call them one-by-one. And remember, we´re not talking about some slaves here who are obliged to do your will on your whim – these are friends and „high lords“ of their sphere. And most of all: the amount of information only ONE being oft he spheres can provide during evocation is that high, a human brain would probably no capable to proceed several at once. So the mature magician will keep on evoking one entity with the given respect and time…“


Q: Does our energy structure( astral/mental body) change after the evocation?


Crystalf: „In a certain way the magician get more connected to the different energy currents, but they do not get a change in itself. This is more subtle, a form of „evolution“ , of „maturity“ – only perceivable for the magician with highly developed clairvoyant skills. And thus becomes a very personal matter, for which to find words is to me at this point impossible…“